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A New Source for Free Online Games  
Published:  3/30/2010 3:04:15 PM
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Category:  Games
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A new online gaming provider has emerged as competition for the old school gaming websites.

GamerFlex, an online provider of free games, is taking the cake for the best game selection with no strings attached.

The site offers to the public such categories as Action, Shooting, Adventure, Casino, and Board Games, along with plenty of other categories. With excellent graphics and low load times, all these games are turning out to be some of the most popular free online games available to the public.

We want to ensure that Internet users have the best selection of games at their fingertips with out being burned by the high prices of pay-to-access websites, said GamerFlex spokesman Saidul Chowdhury. Free online games are what we do best, and we hope customers will check it out.

So far, turnout for GamerFlex has been wonderful. We have over 635 games loaded onto our website and are constantly expanding our offering.

The variety of GamerFlex games is one of the main reasons cited by Chowdhury for new users to sign up. We have over 300 users who have played over 164,000 times on our server so far, and we assume an even larger surge as they tell their friends about us, said Chowdhury.

And user reviews suggest that Chowdhurys analysis is correct.

I just think that the choice is great, and I visit the site every day, said Katherine Jackson of New York City. Ive told all my friends about the site, because were all into the puzzle games.

Jackson also pointed out a factor which makes GamerFlex competitive over the other free gaming sites online.

Most gaming websites out there are just overly cluttered with ads, but not GamerFlex. Thats one of the main reasons that I choose it over the other gaming sites I know about.

With its fast increasing user base and its easy on the eyes style, it is clear that GamerFlex is going to be emerging as one of the top online gamers, and will give the competition a run for its money.

GamerFlex boasts a large assortment of online games which quickly load straight into the users browser because they are Flash based. Users can register to upload or play an assortment of games which would otherwise cost them money at other websites. For more information, please visit


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