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Accident Coverage Simply helps with High Deductibles Plans  
Published:  3/11/2012 8:32:01 PM
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Category:  Finance
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Today, is about cutting cost and having Accident Coverage will help you achieve that by keeping your money in your pocket. Many plans are available that are very affordable. First, I like to ask you a question? How would you like to receive lump sum of money every time you, your spouse, and most importantly the kids, when they have an accidental injury from work, sports or at home, how about at play? Yes, I thought so, cause I rather receive money than to drain my checking account.
Accident insurance can be as low as $24 dollars a month to $64 dollars a month. Paying a low premium every month is much better than having to come up with $3,500 to meet your health insurance deductible. Even if you dont have an deductible, wouldnt you rather get some extra cash to put in your pocket? I know I would. Some families dont even have health insurance. But having Accident Medical Insurance helps really helps with medical bills.
I have 6 children and a husband too, my kids are in a very competitive sport called speed skating. I have been to the emergency room many times from accidents from sports. My daughter has had broken arm, broken leg, tore ligaments, head injury, muscle spasms. That is just one of my kids. I have put between 2,500 to 10,000 in my pocket per injury per kid. Insurance is protection and it is available to you and your family. Is your family protection from unforeseen accidents? Mine are protected and it was when I first mad a claim that I began to see the value in it. You can never have too much coverage. Why not put money in your pocket every time your child or spouse or you have an accident that puts you in the emergency room? Not only you will receive accident protection you will be a member and included is CallMD. You will have access to call a doctor 24/7 eleven times a year.
My goal is to share how valuable it is to have Accident Coverage for your entire family for one low monthly cost of $64.95 a month. That is it! I have use my money to pay bills, help me fund my kids sport competition around the country. You get the check! Yes! you the beneficiary not the hospital or your primary insurance company. It is your policy, you own it. I do have a passion to help people and I love to share what has helped me tremendously financially. For years I struggle to pay bills and was not able to afford health insurance and stacks of medical bills just kept adding up. It was only that I begun to understand insurance and how to apply it. This message is my real life story how being protected from unforeseen accidents that put money in my pocket. To all have a blessed and wonderful day!


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