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Ayaka Nishi The pinnacle of edgy fashion jewelry  
Published:  8/22/2013 3:08:42 AM
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Category:  Fashion
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The most blinding beauty will always be the natural one, unbound by the rules of society and a stranger to prejudice. Relying only on instinct, and being completely free and wild. This is the kind of beauty that Ayaka Nishis Jewelry inspires.

Miss Nishi has mastered this sense of beauty thanks to the rural environment and the untamed wilderness of the Kyushuu Island in Japan, where she grew up. She harnessed this sense of beauty at the Japanese Jewelry Craft Institute. Then, in 2006, she moved to New York where she graduated the Fashion Institute of Technology (F.I.T.), this being one of the last stepping stones towards becoming a famous jewelry designer.

Ayakas creativity gave birth to jewels that combine the ferocity of Nature with the brittleness of civilization, creating the beautiful paradox of an elegant ruggedness that is imitated by her accessories. Ranging from a fish scale ring to a spider web necklace, they clearly show that these marvels are inspired by Mother Nature. And because Nature itself doesnt discriminate, neither do these pieces of art. They are created for women, as well as for men.

Forget about inhibitions and engorge yourself on your most primal instincts. The influence of Ikebana, the ancient Japanese art of flower arrangement, beauty and natural balance, in Miss Ayaka Nishis creations, will make you surrender to the passionate beauty of nature; beauty which is reborn in our century in the form of edgy fashion jewelry. They will also tell a lot about your personality to those that see you wearing them, and will show that you are honest; you dont want to hide anything about yourself because you show that you are proud of your innate, wild spirit, which is brought to surface by Miss Nishis work.

On, you will be up to date with her latest pieces of art and galleries on her blog and you will be able to find out more about her life and her studies, if you wish to research the roots of such a pure love for nature and its creatures. Also, if you wish to purchase original Ayaka Nishi items, you will be able to, in the online shop on the same website. The prices only match the value of such extraordinary expressions of natures breathtaking ferocity and elegance.

These items, however, are not only accessories to be worn in your day to day life, but they are also imbued with the spirit of an artist, making them as emotionally valuable as a painting; and like a painting, they will stand the test of time, which will allow the generations to come, to gaze upon the power and might that nature once had.

Let us make an example of Miss Ayaka, and cherish the wonders of nature while we still can, because, like her edgy fashion jewelry expresses, nature is a part of us that we have forgotten. But when we remember, and accept it, it completes us and makes us the beautiful creatures that God intended us to be.


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