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Blogger has Suggestions for Businesses Inexpensive Ones  
Published:  5/14/2013 1:17:00 PM
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Starting a new business requires two things: a strong work ethic and capital. Stepping out on your own to start the business means you have the first thing down, but the second does present some problems for many.

Capital, money, is something many struggle to find when starting a business. You will still have overhead, bills and the like to pay out before you begin to turn a profit. Fortunately, there are a few business ideas with low investment, said Sandy McQueen of

Working from home is one of the best ideas to start a business with low investment. This way the idea of having to pay for office space, utilities and other expenses are already part of your lifestyle, so there are no new bills to pay.

Since the Internet is as much a part of todays lifestyle as cars and air conditioning, it makes sense to consider an online business. One of the simplest of all is selling something.

You can sell products or services with an online business. One of the best is affiliate marketing, said McQueen.

In affiliate marketing, you sell products and earn a commission on each product sold. If you are fortunate enough to live in a small market, you may be able to make excellent money.

Of course, marketing products is not for everyone but almost anyone can help someone to start a business, so consulting is an excellent choice for a business, said McQueen.

Finally, you can consider selling your time with services. Almost anyone will need writing services or cleaning. Either way, it is an excellent way to turn something you may be good at into a career that is rewarding.

Each of these businesses has little to no overhead costs or investment outside of your time. Once you get them started, you should see success rapidly, said McQueen.

If you are interested in learning more business ideas with low investment or about what Sandy has to say about starting businesses and her other suggestions and solutions for working from home, visit her website at

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