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China extruded aluminum profiles manufacturer and supplier  
Published:  11/22/2012 2:25:15 AM
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Guangdong Province, China - For those looking for China aluminum profiles and China aluminium extrusion, the China extruded aluminum profiles manufacturers and suppliers are Honstar Aluminum. Not only can one find high quality aluminum profile at this company, they also offer attractively competitive pricing and one stop service for all your aluminium needs.

Officially called the Foshan Honstar Aluminum Products Co. Ltd, this highly professional company based out of China is a leading manufacturer as well as supplier of china aluminum profile, china aluminum extrusion, extruded aluminum profiles and other aluminium finished products. Equipped with top of the line casting production line that includes the much hyped extrusion production line from 600-3000MT as well as electrophoresis production line, anodizing production line, thermal break production line, powder coated and paint production line, and one machining workshop, they are aluminum experts in the true sense of the word. We are specialized in aluminum profiles, aluminum extrusion, aluminum alloy manufacturing, and fabrication and machining in China and also we can advice on aluminum alloy selection, heat treatment procedure and profile design for new product development, says a proud employee.

The services at Honstar aluminum are wide and varied. They offer choices in surface finish treatment of aluminum profiles, for example corrosion resistant, anodized look, powder coated, marble grain, chemical burnishing, paint or mechanical polish, mill finish and even a bright dip. The list of their products is also long, including anything and everything from furnishing systems, industrial aluminum profiles, flat bars/ square bars/ round bars, louvers & light barriers systems, window and door profiles, skylights and mosquito nets systems, and much more.

Unlike other Chinese aluminum companies, our job doesnt just finish at supplying you with china aluminum extrusion the profiles and extrusions. We also offer assembling, profile bending, machining operations, cutting to size and technical assistance services. This ensures that you are not only 100% happy with our product but also 100% satisfied with us as a company who is the perfect partner for your business, mentions a senior member at Honstar Aluminum.

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Media contact:

Foshan Honstar Aluminum Products Co., Ltd
Add: Taiping Industrial Area, Dali town, Foshan city,Guangdong Province, China
Postal code: 528231
Tel: 0086 757 83600305
Fax:0086 757 83600302


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