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Four main types of the wood floor in todays wood flooring market  
Published:  8/29/2013 11:20:41 PM
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Japan - The sort of the hardwood flooring can be mainly divided into four kinds which are the solid wood flooring, engineered wood flooring, laminate wood flooring and bamboo. Today, the best wood floor manufacturer in China which website is would let people know the detailed factor about these types of wood flooring.

The first type is the solid wood flooring. The solid wood flooring is made of the high quality wood and most of them are the tongue and groove flooring. In that kind of situation, the installation of this kind of China wood flooring is very easier. Nowadays, more than half of the solid wood has been coated with paint. This is the finished floor. After the purchasing of this kind of floor, people should not care more about the process such as planing, sanding and painting.

The second type is the engineered wood flooring which is also called the parquet. This kind of floor has hardwood flooring been made of the solid wood material. This type of wood floor could also be divided into three sorts. The first is the three layers solid wood flooring which has been made by three layers of different wood materials. The second is the multilayer hardwood flooring which has been produced by at least five layers of wood materials. The last sort is the newly engineered wood flooring. The surface of this kind of China wood flooring has been produced by hard wood and the middle layer and the bottom layer has used use the MDF or HDF. The effectiveness and durability of this kind of floor would be the same as the three layers wood floor.

The thirdly main type of the wood floor should be the laminate flooring. The laminate flooring has been composed of three layers of material. However, the middle layer of this floor has been made of the high-density fiberboard which has high performance for defense with the impact force and not easy to be deformed. The bottom layer of this kind of floor has the role of moisture proof. The surface of this kind of floor which has been printed with the beautiful patterns is covered with a decorative layer of melamine wear layer which the anti-wearing intensity is much higher than wood and has good flame resistance ability. The paving process for this kind of wood floor is very convenient and wood saving. However, the flexible of this kind of floor could not be better than solid wood flooring.

The last kind of wood which the website which is the best wood floor manufacturer wants to China wood flooring introduce people is the bamboo flooring. In a word, the bamboo flooring is made of the treated bamboo material which has not only the natural beauty of the rich natural materials but also has the advantage of durable wear. On the other hand, the bamboo floor also has the advantage of decay and earthquake proof. The bamboo floor could highly reduce the amount of wood using and it could also protect the environment.

From the above description, people should have fully understanding about all types of floors. If people want to purchase the high quality China wood flooring, they could browse the website which is the high reputation supplier for wood floor.

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