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Home Based Business Ideas For 2013: Its Time to Strikeout on Your Own as a Consultant  
Published:  4/22/2013 8:54:53 AM
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Stepping out on your own and starting a home-based business can be stressful and intimidating. Sandy McQueen of has tried to help take some of both problems out of the equation with some of her home based business ideas for 2013 .

For many, the most important thing to do is simply start. Getting over this hurdle is the first step to a successful, at-home business, said Sandy McQueen of

One of McQueens newest business ideas is a fundraising consultant. As a fundraising consultant, you will help various organizations and non-profits raise money for different projects.

Consultants set their own hours and can set their own personal pay scale and rates. This makes them ideal for an at-home business model, McQueen added.

Since so many schools and philanthropic organizations do fundraisers year-round, becoming a consultant is fairly easy to do. Those who have a family with school-aged children know all about fundraisers and selling goods and services.

Schools are a great place to start as a fundraising consultant if for no other reason than to begin earning experience, McQueen said.

As you become more and more versed in what works and what does not, you will be able to spread out and work with more and varied groups and organizations to raise money.

Ultimately, your worth as a fundraising consultant will be determined by how successful you are. This will take time and error, but perseverance will pay dividends in the future, McQueen added.

If you are interested in learning more about what Sandy has to say about starting businesses and her additional home based business ideas for 2013, visit her website at

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