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King F.I.N.O. Contract Rider  
Published:  11/1/2012 10:04:18 AM
Company Site:  http://meechjonespr
Category:  marketing
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Technology PR:

King F.I.N.O. Tour/Concert Contract Rider
Accommodations and Transportation
I. Hotels
1. Producer/Venue will supply all accommodations
A. The Hotel
B. Location
C. All rooms high-speed internet
D. 24 hour room service
E. Details of all the hotels must be supplied to the tour, 3 weeks before the contracted show date
F. The hotel manager must be notified of the groups arrival date , and their contact details supplied to the tour 3 weeks prior to arrival
II. Ground Transportation
A. Travel Van/Bus
B. 12 Passenger
C. Cab/SUV
D. Driver
1. Must be at least 25 (preferably 30)
2. Professional and insured to carry artist
3. Driver under no circumstances to depart from location without authorization:
A. Artist
B. Lead
III. Hotel Necessities
A. $20.00 dinner buy out per person on tour, 7 to 10 paid to lead at load in
B. 4 bottles of vitamin water
C. 2 jars of strawberry PB&J
D. 1 loaf
E. 10 bags of plain Fritos
F. 12 hardboiled eggs
G. 24 small bottles of water
H. 2 large pizzas
I. Fruit basket
J. 2 boxes of red velvet Twinkies


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