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Orca Yacht Charters lends you the much-needed moral support at the moment of your intense grief and loss..  
Published:  8/14/2008 2:53:57 AM
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Newport Beach, Southern California, 14th. Aug08
Sea Burial is a low cost alternative to the traditional land burial. In an individualized manner, we pay our respect with dignity and honor to your loved one on their journey to their final resting place. We try to make your commemorative service aboard our ship will be memorable. A representative of Orca Yacht Charters will be there to attend to all details assuring that you and your guest can relax with peace of mind. The ship is spacious with interior seating and boasts of best of the catering services available. Our shipmates are there to assist you; to be sure your voyage is safe and trouble free. You can enjoy the serenity of the sea while cruising through the New Port Bay, at the heart of Orange County.

Aboard our yachts family and friends gather, in the serene beauty of the Pacific Ocean, to celebrate and reflect upon memories of loved ones and commit their remains to the sea with dignity and grace. If you are planning for a memorial service at sea for your loved one, a celebration of life on the ocean is a peaceful and dignified farewell. Orca Yacht Charters help you plan the perfect service, whether it is a simple or a formal event.

Peter Austin, who had availed of this sea burial service at the Orca Yacht Charters, says, Change and loss are natural in the cycle of life. But still I was so shattered when I lost my wife to cancer. I was in not in a proper state of mind to make arrangement for the funeral. But Orca Yacht Charters took care of everything. We all need a mental support while arranging a memorial service for our loved ones. Orca Yacht Charters Sea Burial service ensures a hassle free arrangement for 2 to 400 guests. Arrangements for serving refreshments and buffet breakfast are available.

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