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Power Fitness Regime The Bella Twins Way  
Published:  12/24/2012 4:15:53 AM
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Category:  Wrestling
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Staying fit is the number one priority for everyone, whether a celebrity model or a professional female wrestler. Keeping fit, training for flat, hard rock abs and looking like a million bucks are what drives the team of wrestler twins, popularly known as the bella twins to sweat it out in the gym and maintain a healthy lifestyle. You too can get into great shape by following a strict diet and exercise regime followed by bella twins, Brianna and Nichole. To help build an attractive silhouette and a charming personality, you can follow the exercise and makeover tips suggested by these professional WWE superstars and wrestling divas.

About Power Exercise

Power exercising is good for the body and particularly for the heart, lungs, bones and muscles. Although it takes a good deal of patience to get measurable fitness results, it pays to follow a tough 20 to 30 minutes of cardio 4 to 6 times a week. If you are able to plan a basic 20 day challenge it ensures that you remain healthy throughout the year. Some of the best ways to break established diet, exercise and habit patterns is to join work out classes and select a work out partner.

Fitness For Bella Twins And How To Follow Them

It is a daily norm with the bella twins to take a power walk every morning. Few rounds of power walking prepares the body for a tougher, more strenuous workout and in the later part of the day, one can go for hot yoga or Pilates. These are exceptional for maintaining an ideal weight and also build up stronger muscles. You can also go for weight training to make your heart healthier and develop great flexibility for the back, shoulder, arms, thighs and hips.

The fitness regime followed and recommended by the Diva twins is great personal training program, especially if you happen to love sports or are a professional sportsperson. Even if youre more of the restful types who dont want any intense workout, you can easily mix and match the exercises to get your target weight and fitness levels. However, for this team of wresters, good health goes far beyond regular exercise. It takes into account the lifestyle patterns and use of health supplements.

Supplements like protein powders, multi vitamin pills or other food products help you stay in shape and build a robust immune system. Thats the way bella twins do it. Their sentiments have been echoed by hundreds of women who have lost weight and gained complete fitness.

About Nicole and Brianna

The Bella Twins- Brianna and Nicole were one of the best Professional WWE Wrestlers. They were born in San Diego, California on November 21, 1983. At the beginning both had amazed the world with their fun-loving personalities and attributes. Their participation in the International Body Doubles Twins changed their life in the year of 2006. One of the biggest challenges for the twins was the decision to make the move to Tampa, Florida in June of 2007. More details regarding their achievements, current status, photos, videos and events you can get the details at their official website


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