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UFOTV Announces the Launch of Two Internet Companies -- "UGC Concepts" and "UGC Labs" -- and Establishment of "The Spirit Culture Preservation Project"  
Published:  5/12/2008 7:49:44 AM
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Category:  E-Commerce
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May 12, 2008 -- UFOTV announces the launch of two internet companies -- "UGC Concepts" and "UGC Labs" -- and establishment of "The Spirit Culture Preservation Project".

"UGC Concepts," a division of UFOTV, has been established to create new User-Generated Content (UGC) communities to mobilize artists and activists toward a common goal of raising the consciousness of the planet through fine arts, culture and technology. "UGC Concepts" will develop the ideas in an inspiring and creative think tank atmosphere. "UGC Labs" will provide all of the technology and technical support for all Spirit Culture Projects and all "UGC Concepts" Projects. "The Spirit Culture Preservation Project," and Spirit Culture™, also include "Spirit Culture™ Home Video" and "Spirit Culture Global Media."

The opportunities posed by a unique set of closely guarded, conceptual and technical insights in "time wave - Novelty Theory" makes Spirit Culture, "UGC Concepts" and "UGC Labs" uniquely qualified for these endeavors. The creative possibilities open to us, and to you, are infinite.

Parent company UFOTV is a world wide media network and, as noted in its last press release, is long known for programming and media related to mystery and wonder. "The Spirit Culture Preservation Project," now in full swing, was originally conceived as an online presence designed to assist and mobilize artists, activists and the community at large toward a common goal of raising the consciousness of the planet through fine arts, culture and technology. This original vision has since been expanded to include Spirit Culture as a world wide media network and brand while maintaining its original vision - to mobilize artists and activists toward a common goal of raising the consciousness of the planet through fine arts, culture and technology.

Additional Projects currently underway that fall under Spirit Culture include:

1. "The Sacred Heritage Project" - Preserving Indigenous, Urban and Folk Art and Culture Through Technology!

2. "The Psychic Heritage Project" - Celebrating Creativity & Dreaming In Everyday Life!

"UGC Concepts" and "UGC Labs" are companies which science and industry of virtually all types can consult on the finer points of UGC concepts in practice. Our goal - to facilitate the creation of any user-generated content website that celebrates dialogue and creativity - and is looking for unlimited growth potential that is both educational and inspiring. So write, email or call "UGC Concepts" today - their services are now available to the public!

For more information about our technology, goals and services, please contact Tim L. Crawford at UFOTV & The Spirit Culture™ Preservation Project."



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