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Published:  4/11/2009 8:32:04 AM
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LONDON 12th April 09, UK FINANCIALS LTD Help & Advice to Find the Best Mortgage Rates for You - Fixed Rate Mortgages & Other Mortgage Rates available
With more and more people running into financial trouble that is unforeseen, people are looking to obtain bad credit loan mortgages in order to fulfill their dreams of home ownership. These types of mortgages are specifically for those folks who are unable to qualify for a traditional mortgage deal because of not-so-good credit scores. As a result of these missteps in their credit history, bad credit mortgage loans can prove quite helpful for them.
Arranging a mortgage is one of the biggest financial decisions you can make in your life and as such it pays to know exactly what all the terminology means. This will allow you to avoid any surprises further down the line which might arise from misconceptions or misunderstandings. There are many terms which relate to the mortgage market, and while some are relatively self-explanatory, others might not be so simple to fathom
For many borrowers on variable rate mortgages, there is always a fear of dread while waiting for an announcement regarding the base interest rate - will it be cut, will it rise again, or will it stay at the same rate as last month? However, even after any announcement is made, the waiting cycle begins again as mortgage lenders then decide whether or not to pass on any cut in their own interest rate; although they are almost sure to pass on any rise, meaning that potential mortgage payments could increase quite drastically in the wake of any base rate changes.
One simple solution to combat fluctuating mortgage payments is to arrange a fixed-rate mortgage, and this appears to be an increasingly preferred course of action across the UK. Although it was recently claimed by the Council Of Mortgage Lenders (CML) that fixed-rate mortgages accounted for just over half of all home loans in January 2008, in comparison to three-quarters in July 2007, many lenders have reported a significant rise in fixed-rate mortgage arrangements. In fact, some Mortgages claim that despite reports of further potential interest rate cuts, around one-third of homeowners would now opt for a fixed-rate mortgage if given the choice.
Remortgaging is nothing new although recent times have seen a large increase in the amount of remortgages lending in comparison to overall mortgage arrangements. The CML claim that while overall mortgage lending was down almost one-fifth in both volume and value compared with December 2007, the volume of remortgages increased by nearly half during the same period, with 85,000 remortgage deals being completed compared to 59,000 in December.
The number of new remortgages approved rose slightly to 93,000, but buy-to-let, equity release and first time buyer approvals were down yet again. Mortgages granted for all purposes during December totaled 226,000, amounting to an advanced sum of 25.4billion - representing a significant reduction on the average figure of 262,000
UK financials provides an information only service from a panel of mortgage lenders. UK Financials Ltd represents you and submits your commercial mortgage loan application to many lenders. Your "one shell" turns into a whole case of ammo as your application makes it across the desk of potentially hundreds of lenders. The odds are greatly in your favor that you are going to get an approval from at least one lender and, the truth is, many borrowers end up with several interested lenders and can actually negotiate the terms and conditions which suit them exactly.

Ravi Mishra is a Marketing Manager of UK Financials Ltd; expertise in searching and researching the best and competitive deal for clients. The team of expert arranges the loan for you at low cost. for more information about us visit :

UK Financials Ltd,
501, International House,
223 Regent Street, London - W1B 2QD
0203 051 4841


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