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UK Financials Ltd: Shrinking Loan Options for Tenants  
Published:  3/23/2009 3:19:25 AM
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UK Financials Ltd: Shrinking Loan Options for Tenants

With the ongoing Credit Crunch, all the lenders have tighten their criterias. Some of them have stopped lending and the ones who are lending prefer prime customers. So the question comes what a tenant looking for a loan, should do? Where should he go and apply?

Tired of searching through the same brokers advertising with different names on internet, the customers happily pays the loan finder fee as high as 49.99 with a hope of getting the promised loan. But what they get is more phone calls, more applications to fill and sometime finally so called low interest loan whose rate is about 50% or so.

UK Financials Ltd understands this problem and therefore has tied up with lenders who are still lending to tenants. We always keep our customers informed on the progress of their case. We also let them know the possible options at the time of making an application

UK Financials Ltd is an online credit broking company in the UK. Some of the services that the company offers are secured loan, unsecured loan, commercial loan, tenant loan, car loan, mortgages, debt consolidation, home refinance, gas and electricity, credit cards and IVA. For more information about UK Financials Ltd visit


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