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UK Handy Moves- always at your service to make your moving experience a less stressful and cost effective one  
Published:  4/19/2010 2:27:58 AM
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Hiring a professional moving company not only can release you from unwanted worries and expenses but can also save a lot of your valuable time

London, Apr 19- Due to excessive work pressure and a tight schedule, often the idea of moving house, to the majority of the people sounds very scary. Not only moving house is a very strenuous and exhausting process but also a very costly affair. But, thankfully, nowadays the assistance of the - removal companies has helped to make things much simpler and tension free. So, if you are planning to move house then no need to worry any more, just log on to your Internet, go to - and there you will get all the required information about moving house in and around UK.

Hiring a trustworthy and reliable - moving company can make your moving house experience a hassle free and a cost effecting one. Professional moving companies have employees, who are well experienced and highly proficient in their job, starting from packing belongings to loading them in the truck, transporting them to your desired destination and finally unloading and unpacking at your new address.

Handy Moves is one such UK - moving company that specializes in office removals, house removals, student removals plus small removals. They also offer furniture storage and removal services as well as van and man hire services. Handy Moves is a reliable and trustworthy name in the removal business in UK and it helps its clients to have a less nerve-racking and trouble-free move. The company also guarantees utmost professionalism in their service.

Hiring a professional - moving company will also cost you less money. According to your budget preferences, you can choose the appropriate type of removal service for yourself. Moreover, they are highly organized and methodical in their job. So there is no need for you to unnecessarily worry about the safety and security of your belongings. Especially, if you have valuable objects like expensive glassware or furniture or even a piano, it is best for you to leave them in the hands of a professional moving company. This is because during the shifting process if any kind of damage happens to your belongings then in that case the removal company is accountable for it. Thus before hiring any moving company, always make sure that you carefully check with the company insurance terms and policies.

Moreover, if you want storage space for keeping your furniture during moving house then Handy Moves is the perfect option for you since along with moving service they also provide with excellent storage facilities for your valuable possessions on a long-term or short-term basis. But remember, the company will charge you additional fees for storage facility.

The company also includes their personal fleet of modern fully operational removal vans and tends to provide fast and effective service all over the UK, Europe and Ireland. All their staff members are vetted with special company uniforms, references and identity cards. So if you face with any kind of problems from the company personnel during moving house you can always report it to the company superior and can expect them to take relevant actions.

Moreover, - Handy Moves also offer their clients with valuable removal tips and advice, which can prove to be highly beneficial for you when moving house.

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Ph - 08000 380 390


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