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UK Marketing Firm Parker Worldwide - How to build a culture for success.  
Published:  3/22/2010 2:20:27 AM
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Corporate culture isnt something you can define. Its intangible: a state of mind, a feeling, a collective consciousness thats infused in a business and its employees.

If you ask 100 CEOs to define their corporate cultures, youll get 99 different responses. Thats why at Parker Worldwide we believe all managers should be a master in every department at our organization so our culture from day one is "no man should ever ask of another, unless theyre prepared to do it themselves"

Its you who choose describe your companies culture; its taking the steps to cultivate it from the very start and with every team member! Your employees are your greatest assets, and when your business experiences a growth surge, you need a united front of employees that supports your companys efforts in mind, body and spirit. Parker Worldwide believes that there should be zero seniority and zero politics, which gives every team member the chance to progress at their fullest. We encourage and supply constant training on all areas of our business to of our team members regardless of their positions or experience, this allows a culture of driven and successful leaders and managers to evolve. "Parker Worldwide, delivering today - creating for tomorrow"

Too many businesses lose sight of the importance of a coherent company culture, or they have limited knowledge about how to develop it. These companies concentrate on the business disciplines that are directly connected to their profit margins and neglect the emotional health of their team when, in fact, the two are closely related.

If you neglect your culture, you may begin to notice some of these warning signs in your employees behavior. You may hear less laughter in the office or notice that people seem unfocused. Employees may begin working shorter days, taking longer lunches or even asking for more compensation. When employees request additional compensation, it usually means that theyre reevaluating their contributions to your companys goals or mission as you have failed to inspire or develop your team.

Promote Culture
CEOs need to present a clearly defined company vision as well as a steady and sustainable work ethic for the company to follow. During a period of rapid growth, CEOs need to assess what theyre doing to promote their culture and consider some of the following tips for maintaining it.

* On a regular basis, have lunch or coffee with randomly chosen employees and really listen to their concerns and suggestions.

* At least three days a week, walk through the office and have a real conversation with people.

* Offer training to your leadership team and provide them with the tools they need to be effective managers at all times.

* Set a sustainable work pace and watch those who tend to work excessive hours. A well-balanced workweek will significantly reduce sick days and burnout.

Managers must consciously foster the development of the CEOs vision and should take the following steps to increase productivity and promote culture in the workplace:

* Make sure employees have clearly defined goals and understand their professional growth path in the company.

* Develop open and trusting relationships with your employees.

* Interact regularly with employees, and offer praise or clear suggestions for improvement.

* Evaluate employees by their achievement of measurable goals, not by the hours they spend in the office.

Culture Shock?
If youve got culture issues, theres no quick fix. Some companies organize after-work socials in an attempt to bolster their waning culture, but social functions often become obligations that consume employees valuable personal time. To show your employees that they are a worthwhile investment in the overall success of the company, organize a social during work hours.

Make developing corporate culture one of the top five priorities for your business. Build your culture on clear vision, attainable goals, a genuine concern for your employees professional and personal growth, an appreciation of their contributions to your success and company wide rewards for successful performance. Parker Worldwide believe if you apply these basic principles to your companies culture then your business could start to repeat the growth that we have achieved over the last few years in the UK.

Parker Worldwide Ltd delivering today whilst creating for tomorrow
02380 381080

Parker Worldwide please help keep UK SCAM FREE!

Make sure you do not have to invest any money for your company training, if you do then STAY WELL CLEAR.

What to do if youre a victim of a training Scam! If youve parted with your money for a training and received nothing useful in return you can inform the Office of Fair Trading, Consumer Direct and the police.

Parker worldwide ltd was established to service an indentified gap in the market for quality face to face customer acquisition teams in the UK and Europe.


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