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UK Promotional Products Company Finds Businesses Increasingly Prefer Green Catalogue  
Published:  10/17/2008 12:20:06 AM
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Category:  E-Commerce
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Ideasbynet,, a leading supplier of printed promotional products in the UK, has found an increasing number of businesses across Europe prefer the company's online catalogue. These businesses say they no longer want printed catalogues or brochures; they view the continued use of paper as a contradiction to their pledge to become more environmentally friendly.

Gareth Parkin, Ideasbynet Director, states, "As a 100% online business, we no longer provide paper catalogues as this is an economical, ecological, and duplicitous expense. Environmental responsibility is one of our highest priorities. We want to be an example and hope that if other businesses follow suit, it will save billions of trees and eliminate the use of toxic chemicals used in the process."

For example, printing ten thousand 100-page gift catalogues uses five tons of paper, in other words 850 trees. Also, 13.5 GJ of energy is used to manufacture just one ton of paper. This is the equivalent of using 552 litres of heavy crude oil.

"By making a decision to market our products over the Internet and dispense with catalogue production, as we did in 2001, we have by now saved over 5,000 trees and the equivalent of 3,312 litres of heavy crude oil," says Parkin.

Also, paper catalogues and brochures had a short lifespan, often becoming obsolete in as little as four months. "Ideasbynet updates its online catalogue regularly and therefore our catalogue is never obsolete," asserts Parkin.

In addition to its green catalogue, Ideasbynet also offers many eco-friendly promotional products. Businesses can not only market themselves with a unique promotional item, but can make a long-lasting impression as a green business by choosing recycled and organic products. For a look at the company's complete product offering, please visit

About Ideasbynet
Ideasbynet offers more than 5,000 promotional gifts such as mugs, pens, caps, rulers, t-shirts, umbrellas and sticky notes. Ideasbynet also offers a selection of environmentally friendly promotional items made of recycled and organic materials. Ideasbynet is a company based on strong ethical principles; customers can trust their commitment to provide gifts manufactured in an ethical and fair way in compliance with ecological standards. Ideasbynet also places a high priority on customer satisfaction and offers a money-back guarantee on all purchases from its eco-friendly catalogue of eco-friendly products.

Gareth Parkin
Ideasbynet Director
T: 0114 262 1205



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