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U.S. Army Partners with SimuLearn to Train Soldiers in the Art of Influence  
Published:  5/29/2008 12:08:27 AM
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Norwalk, Connecticut May 28, 2008 -- The Center for Army Leadership (CAL) has awarded a contract for SimuLearn Inc. to develop a custom simulation designed to enhance soldier soft-skills and elevate their influence in the field.

The training will provide a critical practice environment for soldiers to rapidly acquire and use various influence tactics essential for accomplishing missions in complex, often multinational and multi-stakeholder environments.

"We are proud to partner with the Center for Army Leadership and Tradewinds Consulting in this important goal of enhancing soldier behavior - particularly at this critical time to meet the needs of our forces engaged around the world," said Ken Kupersmith, President of SimuLearn. "We've provided effective and innovative leadership simulations for the corporate and academic sectors over the past 5 years and we can add significant value to the Army's efforts in developing insights, behaviors and skills through practice-based learning."

The Web-enabled simulation will incorporate influence techniques as detailed in the ''US Army Field Manual 6-22'' with real-time, role-play scenarios that demonstrate when particular influence approaches are more appropriate.

CAL determined that SimuLearn's experiential learning methodology and leadership model are readily adaptable to create tailored training programs for diverse personnel and situations.

Dr. Angela Karrasch, Research Psychologist at CAL selected SimuLearn "because of their understanding of leadership development and their ability to fully utilize technology, making learning personal, effective and scalable. SimuLearn has a solid track record with an award-winning platform for highly interactive simulation role-play that accelerates learning of key leadership and influence skills."

The Army defines leadership as the process of "influencing people by providing purpose, direction, and motivation while operating to accomplish the mission and improve the organization. Influence, as related to leadership, is the ability to get people to voluntarily do what is necessary."

The Army-SimuLearn program will support the development of rapid-cycle, automated influence training for officers in combat theatres to better lead others outside the formal chain of command, such as civilians, coalition forces, tribal leaders and foreign government officials.

About SimuLearn Inc.:
SimuLearn is an industry leader in effective leadership and interpersonal skills simulations that improve workforce performance. The vLeader program is the only real-time simulator to combine instructor-led training of leadership principles with video gaming techniques to accelerate learning of key business performance and collaboration skills. The vLeader platform enables learners to practice and apply interpersonal skills and styles by interacting with avatars that provide real-time feedback including body language gestures, facial expressions, group dynamics and dialog.

The vLeader program was awarded The Best Online Training Product of the Year as published in T+D Magazine by the American Society of Training and Development and is used in hundreds of organizations, such as Verizon, Intel, United Technologies and over 100 leading business schools. It is also currently available in 5 languages. Numerous independent case studies from corporate, academic, military and international clients have measured significant and sustained improvement in learning, retention, emotional intelligence and behavior change.

About the Center for Army Leadership:
CAL is responsible for leadership research, assessment and doctrine. CAL also develops leadership products for dissemination throughout the Army. The Leadership Research, Assessment and Doctrine Division (LRADD) within CAL conducts research on leadership trends, develops leader assessment and feedback tools and develops leadership doctrine.

For more information, please contact:
Tom Parkinson
SimuLearn Inc.
488 Main Ave.
Norwalk, CT 06821



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