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U.S. Manufacturer brings eco-friendliness to the direct from manufacturer business model  
Published:  4/18/2009 6:01:49 AM
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Category:  Business
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"Business is recognizing the role it can play in combating climate change. Thank God, is all I can say, for there is a desperately urgent need for business to play that role. Your lobbying influence can be substantial, but together, united and in large enough numbers it could prove decisive in turning the tide"
--Prince Charles
Big business and eco-consciousness often seem like polar opposites. "Organic manufacturer" can conjure up images of hippies weaving textiles over hand operated looms. The hippies are great, but eco friendly manufacturing has modernized quickly. As the above quote from Prince Charles suggests, corporations are increasingly realizing the impact they have on, and the power they have over, the environment. Eco-friendly manufacturers, such as Factory Direct Promos, are doing their part for the Earth while providing great environmentally friendly products such as imprinted pens, wholesale custom branded bags, and eye catching corporate promotional gifts. These items, which appear on the surface to be ordinarily custom promotional products, are in fact paving the way for a new look at how the environment and big business can interact. For the purpose of this article, lets examine some of Factory Directs eco friendly products, and see what we learn. If you would like to follow along, they can be found at the URL:
The first thing made apparent is that product options dont suffer. A look at their reusable shopping bags, for instance, shows a range of options. From typical custom printed bags to green shopping bags with shoulder straps or even wholesale wine-totes, they offer a full product line-up. Their custom promotional bags offer a range of options to display your logo or message. Creativity is definitely not lacking in Factory Direct Promos products.
Next, you see that an eco-friendly take on promotional business items can actually expand your product catalog. Factory Direct Promos offers a wide range of promotional products, from seed bookmarks that bloom when you plant them to their unique TurfnTin item (wheatgrass that grows out of a branded tin.) Eco friendliness not only helps the Earth, but from a marketing standpoint brings a breath of fresh air to product lineups.
Finally, and most importantly, is the benefit to all citizens of this planet. Their custom recyclable bags, once the user gets two years of life out of them, decompose harmlessly. Likewise, imprinted pens made of corn (rather than plastic) dont occupy space for long in our already overflowing landfills when they run out of ink. Further, seed paper products actually benefit the Earth, leaving behind a nice blooming flower.
At last count, over 136 billion (9 zeros) plastic bags have been consumed this year. This is a truly frightening number, especially considering businesses can easily switch to reusable shopping bags. The benefits are apparent. Reusable bags are a better product, far more durable, eco friendly, and give business a great opportunity to shape their image or message. I encourage all stakeholders to turn to Factory Direct Promos for their next eco-friendly custom manufactured items. We can, and must, all work together to make sure we leave our children with a strong Earth, and shopping with Factory Direct Promos is but one of many simple ways to do this.


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