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Uberstar: Examining the Reality TV Phenomenon  
Published:  11/30/2009 4:10:04 AM
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Australian author Vaughn Alaine-Marshall releases Uberstar (Hendlin Books, US$27.95), an explosive look at the reality television. Based largely on Indias hugely successful Indian Idol, the authors research included interviews with participants, producers and insiders from the worlds largest reality television shows.

Bangalore, India November 10, 2009 Australian Vaughn Alaine-Marshall releases Uberstar the explosive novel based upon stories as told by contestants, producers and insiders from the worlds biggest reality television shows. The first installment of a trilogy follows participants, judges and the production crew in a fictitious Idol reality show for actors.
Intrigued by phenomenon of reality television, Alaine-Marshall researched Uberstar by talking to former contestants, producers and insiders of numerous reality shows, including the modern day hit television series Indian Idol many of whom apparently were only too happy to break confidentiality agreements and spill the goods.

Alaine-Marshall claims that he wrote Uberstar to give readers a better idea of the people running the show, from uncaring judges to carnivorous publicists.

The main objective of Uberstar Alaine-Marshall says is to highlight that reality shows are not so much about reality as they would like to portray. In his research, Alaine-Marshall came across some horrific stories about what goes on behind the scenes at these shows. People are dying, and thats not even an exaggeration, said a visibly pained Alaine-Marshall in a press interview.
Uberstar takes the reader behind the scenes of a reality show for actors, all competing for a starring role in a Hollywood production. The other two installments (Uberstar II: The Movie and Uberstar III) of the trilogy will follow the contestant will be declared winner in Uberstar, and part three will be set on an island.
Uberstar is now available online at the Hendlin Books Online Bookstore To read more about the book, the author and all of the latest about berstar, please visit the berstar website at

About the author: A Doctor of Chiropractic, 28-year-old Vaughn Alaine-Marshall put a lucrative career on hold after just 4 days to ensure that the world heard the Uberstar story. The story of berstar began after hearing accounts from a family friend who was a participant on a prominent reality-show in Australia.


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